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Desperate Seed - "A man for breakfast" was the morning's oath and by dinner was often satisfied. Custer, Hickok and Cody were merely peers to the forgotten company of desperadoes and heroes that populated this frontier town that became a legend while "just a baby on the banks of the Smoky."

The history of Ellsworth, Kansas, is not a typical history. Desperate Seed will take the reader to a Wild West only imagined but very real to those who lived it. As Rod Beemer, author of The Deadliest Woman in the West puts it, this book is truly "the rest of the story about the Old West's railheads, outlaws, lawmen, and tough towns."
Jim Gray, Author - 230 pages



Jim Gray's new book "Desperate Seed" is well researched and brings to life the excitement, danger and amazing characters that walked the stage of Frontier Kansas in the 1860's and 70's. The History of Ellsworth is given locally and placed in the context of events occurring simultaneously on the prairies, The Cattle Drives, Indian Wars, Rail Road Construction, and Pioneer Settlement. Jim's ability to lay out the timeline and intersperse amazing stories of shoot-outs, fights, hangings, will keep the reader eager for the next page. "To have been but a fly on the wall..."

-- Zerf The Minstrel Of The Plains


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